SOJOURN EMPATHIES: A Commemoration of All Who Have Lost Homes and Loved Ones in War Torn Countries

I am so very excited to share my new project “SOJOURN EMPATHIES: A Commemoration to All Who Have Lost Their Homes and Families in War Torn Countries.”

The project I am proposing will consist of my production as a fine artist of four large painted collages 5′ x 6′ on tyvek and a series of small collages on board created to commemorate the people in war torn countries who have suffered loss of home and loss of loved ones.

The reason I am reaching out to you is because I know that you share my concern about the plight of loss and suffering of people in war torn countries. I also know that you greatly value the Fine Arts, and understand the ability of art to capture and express the deepest emotions of the human condition. Because I know that you so greatly care about the tragedies occurring daily in war torn countries, and because I feel certain you would desire to play a key role in creating this commemoration to those suffering one of today’s greatest tragedies on our planet , I am asking for your help in the inception of this worthy project.

I’m sharing this project at an early stage of its development because I hope you might be interested in supporting the work. I’m aiming to raise $2,500 by March 4, 2014 to cover the fundamental costs of creating these four large collages and several small collages as well. If you can support this project with a donation, in any capacity, together we can make this project a reality. Please send me names and emails of any potential donors to this project. The project will be up in a few days at under the title: “SOJOURN EMPATHIES” by Janis Kirstein.

The Fundraising context I am joining with is called HATCHFUND. Hatchfund was founded by the Ford, Rockefeller, Rasmuson and Prudential Foundations, United States Artists and has supported the work of individual artists since 2005. Donating through USA’s micro-philanthropy initiative, Hatchfund supports the work of accomplished artists all across America and is tax-deductible.

So please, won’t you help art in America grow by supporting this most worthy and necessary endeavors by supporting the production of “SOJOURN EMPATHIES.”

I created a self portrait in 2001 when the USA first entered into war with Iraq to empathize with the suffering of the women and children of that country at time in history..


Janis Kirstein



3 comments on “SOJOURN EMPATHIES: A Commemoration of All Who Have Lost Homes and Loved Ones in War Torn Countries

  1. Jan,

    Thank you for sharing this project with me. It strikes me as the kind of project that the KY Foundation for Women would support through an Artist Enrichment grant. If you are not familiar with their work, check it out here…
    The Artist Enrichment grant is due in Sep. with funds awarded in late Dec. I realize that is several months away, but you may find it helpful. I have worked with them on many projects and enjoy the support, on many levels, that I have received from them.
    all best,


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