CALL TO ACTION: Don’t Sit Still While the World Collapses All Around You


Hopefully, sometime in the past few weeks you have found a chance to check out my art project at HATCHFUND. If you haven’t, please check it out at this link . My proposal is to raise awareness by creating 4 large paintings to honor those who have lost homes and loved ones in war torn countries.

There are so many situations in this world still, where innocent people suffer debilitating trauma due to the catastrophic convergence of malevolently violent forces. I have asked myself: “What can I do about these egregious situations, what can I do to help all these people , to send a message or to do something to help?”

I ask you to take a minute and look at my plan to help raise people’s awareness of the strife and needs of these people.
I am asking you to please reconsider making even the tiniest of donations to create works of art to honor those victims in war torn countries. If you feel unable to make a larger financial donation at this time, please note that I am offering new incentives for smaller donations of $10.00 to $25.00. Also, if you can’t help with a donation, then a few suggestions of people to contact, or even an encouraging word would be so helpful.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of sitting here while the world is falling to pieces all around me. For me, this is my time to take a stand. But I won’t be able to do this without your help.

Maybe this is your time to take a stand. Please ask yourself if this is your time to take action.Perhaps it is. In which case, I heartily commend you. If not, however, please consider giving a small donation to any charity of worthy cause. If everyone made just a small contribution of $10.00 to a charity of choice, then we as a nation, would be a nation of action, rather than a nation of individuals overwhelmed by so much injustice. So please, do something you believe in, take a stand in some way.

As for my project, though it is only one way you could take action among many, I am asking for your help in any way. I truly believe in “SOJOURN EMPATHIES” but I most certainly need the help of others to bring about this project.

Not only do I plan to create the art work, but I intend to exhibit this work prominently to raise awareness about the grief of the people in war torn countries.

I really need your help. I cannot do this all alone. Please help make this project come alive. The world needs to give honor to these people who have lost so much in the troubled areas of our world.

If I can just find one person to make one tiny donation, I believe the ball could get rolling. Your small donation could change the donation quota from 0 to a positive number. You, yes you could make that difference, could change that tide, could turn the tables and help bring this project to life. I believe this art project could become a very great thing, but it will only happen with your help. Please know that I can and will do this, with your help.

This is January 18, 2014. Put down this date as the day you began to take action in a plan to help save the world. At the risk of sounding like one of those annoying radio car commercials, here’s that link one more time:

Thank you so very much for taking time to read, weigh and evaluate the value and potential for this project and for determining if you can designate a very small contribution at this time.

Jan Kirstein


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