First Leap Of Faith Taken

Big News: Abby Lane has taken the first leap of faith on this worthy project by becoming our very first contributor.                                                                                                  Thank you, thank you  to Abby Lane for her most generous donation to the art project “SOJOURN EMPATHIES.”

She is the first to donate to this project. Thank you so much, Abby for your generosity.

Abby is a former student of mine at Western Hills High School in Frankfort, Kentucky and even then was always one of the first to make the right move! Because she has taken a step where no one else has had the courage to go, she could rise to the ranks of Rosa Parks, the young girl who had the courage to stand up on a bus so many years ago. Somewhat different cause, same courage!  I’m sure others will join in now and contribute to SOJOURN EMPATHIES.

It’s like a cold summer day on Lake Michigan. At first, NO ONE will go in the water. Then when one BRAVE SOUL goes in, a few follow. And before you know it, you’ll have a whole group of brave souls. So come on in brave souls! The water’s not so cold after all!  Take just the cost of one Starbucks coffee, or one Diet Coke, and send that amount to help with this project


Imagine yourself taking the leap into Lake Michigan today. Are you that brave?  Help raise awareness of the plight of refugees from war torn countries by contributing to this art project now. Come on you all. Jump on in. The water’s not that cold!


Thanks so much for putting your helpful heart into this worthy endeavor.   Blessings,   Jan Kirstein


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