Keep on Swimmin’ Everyone!


This post is to alert all you art lovers and life lovers in general:

The hosting organization of HATCHFUND has so graciously agreed to extend the deadline for SOJOURN EMPATHIES to March 28 , 2014. Here’s the deal: If someone donates $250.00, this will place the illustrious project SOJOURN EMPATHIES In a position to receive matching funds. So let’s get to it! Everybody, let’s do it to it!

Please alert anyone you think might be willing to donate. All we need is one big donation here, ladies and gentleman.

And to show my confidence in the gifts I KNOW ARE ON THE WAY I have started the paintings promised in my project. The photos you see are painted thumbnails of the healing energy I am sending out to the world to make this very important project transpire!

I have started the paintings, the healing energy. Add your healing energy to the donations and make this a great benefit to all who suffer from loss of homes or loved ones due to the tragedy of war.

Here is the link to SOJOURN EMPATHIES:

I am adding additional perks offered to donors of limited edition Kirstein prints from my “Healing Energy” series of painted collages I am currently making and are shown here.



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