There are only 4 short days left for anyone to be an angel and donate to the art project SOJOURN EMPATHIES. The purpose of this project is to generate support through awareness of those who have lost home and loved ones in war torn countries. I have set up this project with HATCHFUND and the minimum amount needed for me to get any of the funding is $2,500.00. I currently have $390.00. For further explanation of this project, please go to this link:

Many many thanks to those who have donated so far. I am so greatfull to all of you. However, this money will not go to this project unless I can raise the rest of the 2,500.00 in these 11 days. This is the last request I will be sending for donations.

So I am asking you to please send this notice to anyone you think might be interested in helping out with this worthy project. This is the last appeal I am sending out for this project, so either we will make the donation minimum and my project will be able to continue or we won’t make the minimum and the project will not be funded.

So please send this message out to anyone you know who might be willing to help out with this project.

Won’t you please be an angel and help this worthy cause?


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