Never Give Up, I Will Always Say…


Maybe SOJOURN EMPATHIES DIDN’T make the Hatchfund grant. But does that mean that we give up on helping raise awareness of the plight of those who suffer unjustly from the costs of war? Do we let the Syrians die from our lack of hope?

I say not.

Stay tuned. For here comes the next piece of our healing destiny: Application for Hadley Grant in Louisville, Ky. For same project. Only one Hadley Grant given per year. not good odds. But completed application sent in 4.11.14. We will not give up hope that People can open their hearts.

How wonderful life is. Make this real for Everyone. Alleluia !!

Special Announcement from Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church, Louisville, Ky. :

Together for Peace in Syria: A group of young adults from churches across Syria are calling for the world to join them in kindling the candle of peace, by praying together simultaneously—worldwide—on April 11, at 9:00 PM GMT (5:00 PM EDST). Together for Peace in Syria is being held to send a message to the world about the power of peace—to nourish the spirit of love in Syria to prevail—despite the pain of three-year proxy war. Event organizers from the Syrian Multimedia Youth Team (SYMT) say they are “sowing seeds of hope to achieve the impossible” using peace is their strategic option—to stop the promotion and funding of war. Please join Christians around the world in this prayer. Although we will not be gathering formally at CHPC, you are encouraged to pray wherever you are. Thank you.

Photo Credit: Photo by Julius Friedmàn. Many thanks.


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