New Art: (#24) Missiles of Mercy

Art & criticism by eric wayne

(#24) Missiles of Mercy, by Eric Wayne. [20X30″ @300dpi. April 5, 017.] This one shows some abstract design elements and a bold composition. What it exactly is isn’t exactly specified. I’ve left it loose so there’s room for imagining and interpretation on the part of the viewer.

Just a bit about the technique. Well, I get the impression lots of people are impressed by art that shows lots of tedious work with tiny brushes, hence all the snaps on Instagram of a work in progress with a tiny brush in front of it signalling the countless hours of precision drudgery the artist suffered to execute the work in question. That’s a process I’m trying to avoid (for others it’s an almost spiritual devotion I don’t find fault with). I would much rather suggest something than get too caught up in rendering every little detail.

In the B&W images I’ve…

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