Start Over Again, Revisited

Out of a Great Need

I shared these videos over three years ago.  You may want to watch the video above before watching the music video below.  Over three years later, I realize this song applies to me as I have provided care through our younger daughter’s challenges with schizoaffective disorder as well as providing support to our older daughter who struggles with anxiety and major depressive disorder .

Know that I would do it all over again…and know I will continue to provide loving care throughout my life…it has been worth every bit of time, energy and effort.

But as I get breathing room here and there, I sometimes find that people want that same type of dedication/attention from me in my personal life (not always related to mental health).

A couple of weeks ago, an acquaintance called me requesting that type of attention…she, and one of her relatives, have done so on a few occasions…first with a friendly demeanor…then with guilt…humor…anger…then with…

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