The Universe

Brotherly Love

I continued my experiments with cerulean blue deep today. I’m not exactly sure how the oval shape came about. I was experimenting with stabbing brush strokes and the oval shape just happened.

I really like Japanese brushes for stabby work. Unlike the synthetic ones that bounce back into shape after being smushed, the bristles of the Japanese brushes retain their smushed shape. Once they’re dipped into water though, they return to their original pointy shape.

Watercolor: Abstract - Egg 040417 Universe
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

The bottom, low contrast area reminds me of a picture of the universe I saw once. I don’t remember what was being mapped, but it looked like a flattened blue/green globe. The higher contrast area at the top is more solid. It reminds me of a rock called ‘conglomerate’, made up of smaller individual rocks.

What is outside the bounds of the universe? Cerulean blue deep, of course.

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